lunedì 10 luglio 2000

Richard Shorter

This's something I've to write in English.
I don't know if I 'm still able to do that, but I feel I ought to use this language to tell you what I know about Richard's story.

Richard was my second teacher since I had already studied English with another teacher: the now well-known australian writer PETER ROBB.
Richard tried very hard to modernize the way the English language was taught at the B.C.I. He used tapes and microphones to make learning more interesting.


I can not forget my first lesson there: he used to pace up and down while talking to us and seemed to be on edge.At the end of the lesson I felt a bit dizzy, as if I had been in a merry-go-round. When I was a child and went to school, teachers used to seat and we all, used to stay still, all the time, unless we were going to have an oral test.
So my first impression was that he looked like a "lion timer", or, perhaps, just a lion in a cage.
I wrote my first postcard to him ,from Rome, where I went in a few weeks, to tell him that.

Then, one day he asked us to write a composition,and gave us the subject: a dream.
To me it was a stroke of luck, infact I had just dreamed of both my English teachers.
So I described my dream, using the few words I could manage to.
So I wrote:

I was with the ladies I studied English with, waiting for our splendid Australian teacher, but , instead of him, another man came: he was fair-haired, he was tough, nasty, English, with glasses, and looked like you!
He was a very umpleasant caracter.
He said our previous Australian teacher could not come, he said he was there on his behalf, to substitute him ..for ever.
I thought our spledid Australian teacher was in danger, he may have been hurt or even prisoner of that unpleasant character; then, when the boring lesson was over and I saw the nasty English man running down a dark winding stariway, I decided to follow him, to rescue the Australian teacher, who may have been in danger, to save him.
I went down that frightening, dark, long, staricase...but......
Sorry I cannot continue !
It 's too personal !
I 'll only tell you that I woke up, after a while, shivering and with my heart throbbing violently!!!.


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